Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sopranos still never had anything on the wire

Probably my favorite television sequence (excluding all seasons of the wire)

To understand the beauty of this scene you have to take into context the setting. First you must understand that he is completely lying through is teeth, Tony the alpha male of the group, the boss of the New Jersey family is lying to his capos out of his own weakness. Throughout the Sopranos we are shown Tony vulnerable to many things, his family, mental disease, physical injuries however he always ruled over his crew with an iron fist. And in this minute and a half we see how they control him as well, like most things his bravado and fearless command is all a facade. The music is also flawless.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (With Album Artwork) - Kanye West

Not much to say, the album is a triumph for Kanye. I expected it. Favorite tracks; All of the Lights, So Appalled, Dark Fantasy, Runaway.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Does Obama seek to gain India as an economic "ally' against an unwavering Chinese Yuan?

With his recent trip to Asia coupled with his endorsement of India being made into a permanent (rather than two year) member of the United Nations Security Council it is safe to assume that Obama's plan will be to play the growing Indian economy as a counter to China's market manipulation practices of the last decade.  Asia's devaluation of the Yuan has affected all global economies negatively but none greater than its neighbors.  India possesses a slower paced but more rounded economy with regard to China's and the potential for American business expansion and job creation is high.  Investment into an Indian economy seems more secure in the immediate future and more lucrative in the long term than a Chinese market.  Being solely dependent on their exports China needs to desperately find a way to balance out its economy before they run out of time.  India also offers a government more willing to sit at a negotiating table with the U.S., oh and by the way, they also happen to be a Democracy.  It will be interesting to see China's reaction over the next few day's.  Will Obama's gamble be enough for the Premier to release the tether latching the Yuan to the Dollar or will their reaction be something unpredicted and unprecedented?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall For Your Type (Full Version, solo Drake) - Drake

Yea this is a re-post of a song, Drake redid the extended version singing Jamie Foxx's verses. What do y'all think?